PhilyD brought this video to my attention. I was under the assumption that Octomom had been pressured by the porn industry to do something like this, but I figured she wouldn’t be stupid enough to do it. Then again, where else is her career going to go?


Sore Loser (GIF)

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Sport
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Coming down the final stretch, the man in the red knew he didn’t have the legs to keep up with the guy in the white.  So he did what any sore loser would do; give your opponent a smack in the back of the head as he zips by you and heads towards the finish line.

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It annoys me that a nation so advanced as the USA can have 80% of its population believing in some form of religion, and choose not listen to the most obvious reason. The facts are right in front of them. I support FSM for doing what they do. Keep it up guys! Australia still has 70% of its population believing is some form of religion, which clearly shows we aren’t that far ahead. Saying that, I don’t think many Australians think about it much. I think most people parents or grandparent were in a long tradition of belonging to a religious group, without having to constantly preach its practices and beliefs. I believe if it came down to it, most Australians would not believe in a god when they compare facts. I believe most Australians would see the light, so to speak.

I’ve attached a video with the president of the Church of the flying spaghetti monster (FSM) Dave Silverman debates with US Fox News reporter Bill O’Reilly over religion.

Bill argument is flawed from the get go, he narrows down the existence of  god to the lack of his own understanding of how tidal patterns work. (Must be the work of God).

I got Hitched!

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Wedding
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Here is a snippet of my wedding video back in December 2010. A trailer if you like. Courtesy of Divine Studios in Brisbane.