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New World Order

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Politics, Religion
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LIBYA: The premier denounced a “plot” to turn his country into a terrorist base, as anti-regime protests reached the capital and world powers slammed an iron-fisted crackdown said to have cost hundreds of lives.

IRAN: A massive police deployment in Tehran prevented large-scale protests from erupting, although Iranian opposition websites reported stray clashes and officials said the capital remained calm.

BAHRAIN: Bahrain’s Sunni Muslim ruling family came under increased pressure to open in-depth talks with the Shiite-led opposition, as protesters erected more tents on the capital’s Pearl Square and unions called off a strike.

MOROCCO: Thousands staged rallies in Moroccan cities demanding political reform and limits on the powers of King Mohammed VI, with protesters shouting “the people want change.”

KUWAIT: Hundreds of stateless Arabs demonstrated for the third day running to press for basic rights and citizenship of the oil-rich Gulf state and Human Rights Watch called for the release of dozens detained on Friday.

YEMEN: Hundreds of students demonstrated on the eighth straight day of anti-regime protests in Sanaa, while police shot dead a protester in south Yemen and the opposition vowed to join protests.

EGYPT: Three police officers in Alexandria face questioning over the shooting of protesters in the early days of the Egyptian uprising, as banks reopened and workers at Egypt’s largest factory ended a strike.

TUNISIA: Tunisia’s interim government asked Saudi Arabia to extradite deposed strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali as it faced a second day of protests on the streets of Tunis, demanding its resignation.

DJIBOUTI: Djibouti authorities have “provisionally released” three top opposition leaders briefly detained after unprecedented protests demanding regime change, the state prosecutor said.

IRAQ: At least eight people, four police and four civilians, were reported wounded when clashes erupted during a rally in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Sulaimaniyah.

JORDAN: King Abdullah II urged speedy reforms, comprehensive dialogue and more efforts to battle corruption amid popular discontent and pro-reform protests.

SYRIA: A jailed Syrian Kurdish blogger and rights activist, Kamal Hussein Sheikho, is on a hunger strike, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

ALGERIA: Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci told Spain’s El Pais newspaper the anti-government revolts in Tunisia and Egypt will not spread to Algeria, a day after riot police clashed with protesters in the centre of Algiers.

It annoys me that a nation so advanced as the USA can have 80% of its population believing in some form of religion, and choose not listen to the most obvious reason. The facts are right in front of them. I support FSM for doing what they do. Keep it up guys! Australia still has 70% of its population believing is some form of religion, which clearly shows we aren’t that far ahead. Saying that, I don’t think many Australians think about it much. I think most people parents or grandparent were in a long tradition of belonging to a religious group, without having to constantly preach its practices and beliefs. I believe if it came down to it, most Australians would not believe in a god when they compare facts. I believe most Australians would see the light, so to speak.

I’ve attached a video with the president of the Church of the flying spaghetti monster (FSM) Dave Silverman debates with US Fox News reporter Bill O’Reilly over religion.

Bill argument is flawed from the get go, he narrows down the existence of  god to the lack of his own understanding of how tidal patterns work. (Must be the work of God).