Australia human rights gets a B+ from U.N.

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Politics
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Recently Australia was under its 4 yearly obligation to be under review of the United Nations Human Rights commission. 50 countries across the globe participated in our review, making almost 150 recommendations for improvement. That’s quite a lot for a developed democratic country.

One of the main recommendations that stands out were to scrap our policy on mandatory immigration detention centres for asylum seekers. This is a touchy subject with a lot of people in Queensland, personally I agree with the U.N. I think the mind set of a lot of Australians is the fact these refugees are illegally attempting to seek asylum in Australia. Some people can even go as far as saying these people are terrorists, which is absurd and completely false. Since 1958 Australia’s Migration Act states that it is not illegal for a refugee to seek Asylum, even if it is by boat. These people flee terrible home countries, hoping to start a new life in a foreign land, only to be locked up again? Doesn’t seem right to me, and neither to the U.N.

Another recommendation was to recognise same sex marriage. Again, I agree with this one. I am actually embarrassed to be a citizen of a country that won’t stand up for its own and won’t grant a basic form of human rights to two people who love each other. Crazy. Europe is already moved forward, even certain states in the U.S. Why can’t we?

Great websites for further information:

Rethink Refugees:

Australian Marriage Equality:

  1. Vladimir Lizenko says:

    America! The communism bursts into your house!
    From “The open letter to the US President, the Congress of the USA and to heart of each congressman and to every Human of the USA from a citizen of former USSR.”
    The protection of a private property is a basis of any modern state. The protection of the private property means protection of the rights of a people for a private property and free business.
    The communistic ideology is based on an annihilation of private property. According to K.Marx and F.Engels, for an annihilation of the private property there is necessary to destroy a family (family relations). That is the annihilation of the marriage, first of all.
    For example, the USSR, has begun marriage annihilation. However, he has not finished this annihilation. Why? The annihilation of private property concerned only the wide group of peasants. However, the annihilation of a family and marriage – it concerned to all! In places where Bolsheviks began marriage annihilations, revolts began. Bolsheviks (communists) had the low prestige at the people, but an annihilation of the marriage was as a powder keg under communism. Therefore, Bolsheviks have decided to make not according to K.Marx. They have legalized the marriage, which by the church have been established. It had confirmed itself and have strengthened the country.
    That communists could not make – to destroy the marriage institute and the system of private property has itself collapsed, now many advanced countries manage to make it, including the USA.
    If the alien body enters into a healthy alive organism the organism may fall ill but when it is a lot of such alien bodies enters into a healthy alive organism, the organism dies.
    Marriage has similar features! An organism of natural marriage between the man and the woman receives an injection by a same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage legalization will increase the sizes of this injection till the critical sizes at which any marriage will die. The society in sexual relations will be more and more similar to primitive herd. This is primitive communism by F.Engels. But if someone has forgotten, it is necessary to recollect – in the primitive herd, there is no private property, business and the capital. Well, the institution of private property is constructed on the base of marriage, a natural family.
    The countries which accepted legalization of same-sex marriages are already on the way of destruction of private property.
    I very much am surprised how businessmen may quietly look at the possibility of destruction of bases of a private property. You at all do not understand, that you are putting already a powder keg under marriage. The same-sex marriage will make that work which communists could not make – to destroy a private property not by terror, but by destruction of its basis – by destruction of the marriage.
    The church has told all about moral loss. I speak about other losses of a society. From marriage destruction all people lose correct genetic hierarchy of a family. Men and women lose the special value for a society. The society becomes the faceless communistic chaotic herd by K.Marx and F.Engels. Businessmen in the herd lose business. Owners lose the private property and the capital. The private property and the capital is a basis of prosperity of the country. Hence the country loses prosperity, power and a fortress. People become beggars.
    Some scientists explain, that any sex act removes stress, and than it is the more the better. It is less a tension in a society.
    A truer word was never spoken! The physiology after any sex act has a rest, but sex act without love accumulates not in muscles, but the hatred hides into brains. That hatred which with difficulties by the big work was grown in the people by Bolsheviks. The saved up hatred always is ready spill out through physiology!
    At last, it is conclusions from the letter about than are same-sex marriages for a society and the country:
    • This is cultivation of development of lust in a society in immeasurable scale.
    • This is an inspiration of development of hatred in a society.
    • This is destruction of strength of the country.
    • This is full destruction of the created civilized institute of marriage that there is an achievement of all humanity.
    • This is the catastrophic approach of destruction of a private property and the capital.
    There is the last conclusion: “Who votes for legalization of same-sex marriages, he votes for legalization of these five points”.

    The engineer, the philosopher, the writer

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